Prayer Letter February 2018

 The Hendricks Family

February 19, 2018

 Dear Faithful Friends,

I hope you all enjoyed a great Christmas and New Year and a great 2018 so far. We had an awesome Christmas and New Year And so far, 2018 has been busy but blessed.

                It is time to renew our blue cards for the Prisons in North Carolina. We have been attending the required training classes. We only have a couple of more to go. We closed out the last day in December in Prison with 3 men getting saved. Amen! In our regular Prison and Jail services these last two months we have had 14 more men ask God to save them. Glory!

I left with Henry Moose and Keith Phelps for Haiti on January 22. We had a good flight and landed in Haiti a little after 3:30 pm. We spent the night in a Guest House there and then left the next morning for the Village of Creve. It was about a 10 hour drive to cover the 120 miles over some very rough roads. We worked with a National Pastor there for the first week.  Brother Keith and I preached and taught for them there.  It was in a very poor part of the Island but the people were happy.


It was truly a blessing to minister there in the Churches and in the Schools. The 3 of us stayed in a room provided by Pastor Norcilas.  They were a blessing to us that week. There is no electricity in this part of the Country unless you have a generator or solar panels. We had a fan and light most of the week, that to was a blessing.


We participated in a Harvest Sunday at Church.  Some of the people do not have jobs so they bring their corn, peas, sugar cane and animals to the Lord that day.  While I was preaching that morning, one of the chickens almost got loose and one of the men had to tie its feet back up.  Never a dull moment on the Mission field. That week 9 people trusted the Lord as their Savoir. TO GOD BE GLORY!


We left Monday at 3 am to make the trip back to town.  It was another long ride. Once back in Port Au Prince, we met with our missionary, Lliobert Destine.  We worked with him and his people the rest of the trip.  I preached in a little Church across town the first night. Then Brother Keith and I preached a series of meetings for Brother Destine.  Brother Henry also helped with teaching the children and serving the meals.  We were able to provide a meal for the Students of his School one day, as well as meals for the Conference.

We were blessed to take part in their Anniversary Service.  It started at 7:30 am and ended after lunch at around 1:30 pm. There was a baptism, a baby dedication, a history of the Church and then the Message concluding with a meal.  There were 11 more people saved in this meeting. GLORY!  So much to say but so little space.  If you would like me to come by and show a video and report to you what God did there, please contact me.

                I will be in Grenada February 26 through March 2. Then we have our Island Jubilee in Barbados from April 3 - 10. Busy times but blessed times.  Thank you for all of your prayers and for your financial support.  Please keep praying for us and the men in the Islands as we strive to serve God together.

Let me close with this, Becky and I have been saving for almost two years to buy a minivan to carry our men around in when they come to the States. We are looking for a 2009 or newer Chrysler or Dodge with stow and go seating.  This will help carry them and their luggage. Will you help us pray that God would direct us to the right van for this purpose. 

                If you would like for us to come by this year and give an update or to help in any type of meetings, please feel free to contact me. Thank you to those of you who have already been in touch.

In His Service;

     Joe & Becky Hendricks

Acts 20:24



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