Prayer Letter October 2017

 The Hendricks Family

                                                                                                                          October 30, 2017

Dear Faithful Friends,

         Greetings in Jesus name, time is passing swiftly. We have been blessed with a full schedule these two months in Prisons and Jail. We had one Revival at Lincolnton Correctional with a good turnout each night. On the last night, Brother Jason Kersh preached and had about 6 men raise their hand lost. Pray for them. In other services these days we have had 9 men saved. GLORY! This last Friday night I preached on hell and at the invitation time a man said, "Preacher I need to be saved". Please pray for Rodney as he begins his walk with the Lord.

            We were allowed to go into Timehri Prison in Guyana while there this time and hold a 3 day Revival. God Blessed and we saw 5 men trust Christ as their Savior. Please pray for the men there as well as the Pastors that will be going there on a regular basis to preach to the men.


Our Trip to Guyana was October 17-26. Becky and I had 4 others travel with us. God blessed us with a great trip all around. We had safety as we traveled, Souls were saved and Saints were encouraged. We had more doors open this time than we could fulfill and as you know I don't like to turn down open doors.

It has been a tough year for Brother Rolston but we were reminded again that if you do it God's way you have God's blessings. It looked like we would not get into the Prison but GOD opened that door with approval to make pictures inside the Prison, just not of the men's faces. We have always asked but were not allowed. This time the Director of Prisons asked us if we needed pictures and made a call to the Prison to make it happen. Thank you Lord.

It did not look like we would get into Schools because of the problems in January. We kept praying and met a National Pastor in the Grocery Store whom we had never met (He did know Brother Rolston). The next day we were in Schools.  Many school children asked God to save them. God did it again! 


 We were able to preach for 3 Missionary Pastors as well as hold a Tent Crusade for Brother Rolston.  In the Tent, we saw great crowds each night and had 11 people ask the Lord to save them. Praise the Lord.


                There was so much to happen this trip we can never tell it all in one page. If you would want us to come by and give an update, please give me a call. We are already booking some meetings next year here and in other Countries. We are praying about going to Haiti in January and we will have our Island Jubilee next year in April 3-10, 2018. Would love for some of you to go with us to the Island Jubilee.

            Thanks again for all you do for us and the cause of Christ. We are thankful this month for one new supporter and one of our Churches doubled our support. Thank you for partnering with us to get the Gospel to those in Prison and around the world.                                                


June 27, 2014

Dear Partners in the Lord's Harvest;

               We have much to give God praise for at this time. Our daughter and Son-in-law, Tonya and Sam, and their family were able to rent their own place again last month.  Sam got a job last week after many months of looking.  Please pray for him as he was hired on a 60 day trial basis, pray all goes well as he adjusts to his job. The garden is producing well, last Monday both my daughters and a niece were here breaking beans and helping canning.  I told Becky it seemed like the Walton's there for a while  with the house full of women, but they were all working together Amen.  I think we have put up about 200 jars so far.  Praise God for his blessings on our little garden. Tabitha is expecting her first baby which is due December the 3.  Pray for her and her husband, Dave and my 8th. Grandchild.  Amen.

               We had a revival at Lincoln Correctional this month and had several new helpers.  It was a blessing to have them with us as well, we are always looking for more help.  Some preached, some walked the yard witnessing and some helped at the altar.  Prison ministry is more than just preaching,  sometimes it's just showing them the love of Jesus through a smile, a prayer , a tract or even a snow cone.  We served about 350 snow cones to the camp on Saturday morning and gave out a lot of tracts.  It was a great meeting with many men getting help. To God be the Glory. We didn't have any professions of faith in this meeting. We were able to pray with  some who had gotten saved earlier and were going through some problems. Please keep these men lifted up.

               We were at Hoke Correctional with Brother Matthew Zell this month and saw one man come up at the end of the service and tell Matthew, " I have 21 days left and I don't want to go out the way I came in".  Praise God he got saved. In our regular meetings these two months we saw 21 more men make professions of faith in the Lord. To God Be Glory. Please help us pray as we will have our first service at Tabor Correctional minimum unit on Aug 3. This unit just opened last month and the Chaplain has asked us to come and help him there.

               I am looking to buy my ticket for Guyana, South America in July.  I am hoping to go the first of September for about two weeks. We have one couple wanting to go with us so we are excited to take them on their first overseas mission trip.  Please help us pray about the needed funds for this trip. Brother Ram is hoping to get Preachers from about 10 churches together for us to try and teach them about prison ministry. We also hope to preach in Prison while we are there as well as Schools and Churches as God opens the door. Please keep this trip in your prayers.

               Thanks for all you do for us. We could not go if you did not send. We have had some good meetings with many of you these days.  Thank you for the opportunity to assist you at your church.

The Bible says in Psalms 107:28-29 "Then they cry unto the LORD in their trouble, and he bringeth them out of their distresses. He maketh the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof are still." There have been many storms this year, but truly God has brought calm. We had a revival at Catawba Correctional last month and on the last day we had to cancel because a storm took out the power. We did not have any professions of faith but many getting help at the altar. In the other meetings we were blessed to see 17 men make profession of faith in the meetings we were in these two months.
I booked my ticket this month to go back to the Philippines, October 21-November 1. I will be going with my Pastor to Cebu, Philippines to help in a Mission Conference as well as any other services Pastor Arnold Tangub will have set up for us. We are praying to get back into the Prisons there again this trip. Please pray for safety as we travel and souls as we preach there again.
Please pray for Brother Adam Thacker and his wife, Autumn they have helped us for about two years in the Prison Ministry. Bro Adam feels God calling him to Maine to be a missionary. He is now raising support and hoping to go April of next year. God is opening some doors for him there and we are praying with him that God will give him the needed funds to leave in the Spring. If you would be interested in having them in; you can call Adam at 828-850-2341. With that said, please help us pray for more laborers to help in the Prisons. We have been blessed to have several men over the years work with us that are now in full time service in different areas; which for me is a blessing, but we are always looking for the next man or men to help us.
In closing, please keep praying for my children and their families that God will have His way in their lives and for us to have wisdom in dealing with each of them. My brother, Wayne is not doing real well with his liver and he still needs to be saved. Also my mom is still staying sick all the time and getting weaker, so it seems she really needs Gods touch.
Thank you all for your faithfulness to pray for us as well as your support. We were blessed to help many of you these months in many different types of meetings as well as filling in when you had to be away. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you in that way.
We had one revival at Lincoln Correctional. On the last night, we had 73 men out for service, praise God. In this meeting, we saw 9 men make professions of faith in the Lord. We also served snow cones to two camps, Livesay Correctional and Lincoln Correctional. We go in serve snow cones and pass out gospel tracts, calendars and word search puzzles. Men who will not come to our services come out and get a snow cone and we get to try and reach them with the gospel.
In our regular services these two months, we saw 29 more men make professions of faith in the Lord. To God be Glory. In one service, at Gaston jail, as I was giving the invitation, a man on the second floor still locked in his cell began to wave at me through the window in his door signifying that he needed to be saved. As I closed the service, I asked the men "how many asked Jesus to be their Savior?" Again as I looked up, this man was waving and now smiling saying he had given his heart to Jesus. I never shook his hand; never got his name but God got his attention.
In May, my brother, Wayne was diagnosed with liver cancer. The Doctors give him 6 months to 2 years. He has already had chemo implanted into his liver. Please pray for him especially for his salvation, he is not saved. He has been going to church since he got out of the hospital. We are praying for God to convict him and save him. Also pray for my mom, she has had an infection in her kidneys that she can't seem to get rid of. I will be taking her to Winston Salem in the morning to see another specialist.
In closing, I want to say a special thank you to all of you that support us. We feel so blessed to be part of your mission out reach. We have had 3 new churches add us to their Mission's program with others still talking of taking us on. Thank you for all that you have done and are doing for us as we reach behind bars with the hope of Christ.
As for the ministry we had the opportunity to lead our first soul to the Lord on Jan 1 at Harven Crouse Detention center in Lincolnton. Please pray for Lemanuel he asked God to save him in the service there. God is still saving souls in 2012. We are seeing a good response in the two jails we are now serving in. on January 25 we were at the Gaston jail and as we were giving the invitation one of the men was called to leave this happens so we were not to bothered except it happened right at the invitation. Three men made professions of faith in the Lord there that day. We closed the service and began making our way back through the jail to the outside. Just as we were about to go through the doors a man behind us said “preacher that message was for me”. Brother Eric Walton and I looked back but I did not recognize the man. Brother Eric did ( this was the man that had been called out of our cell block at the close of the service) and we began to talk with him about his soul we walked out to our cars and lead him to the Lord in the parking lot of the Jail please pray for Antwan. That was a first for us but a blessing as well. He hurried up to get his street clothes on to catch up to us to talk. I told bro Eric so much for Jail house religion in his case he was already out but the message was still with him. Only God alone knows what he is doing in the lives of these men.
In the other jail and prison services we have been in so far this year we have seen 36 more men and 2 teenage boys make professions of faith in the Lord. Fruit that Abounds to your account. I am so blessed to be able to be your missionary to the jails and prisons. Thank you for every prayer you pray and every dollar you give so that we can keep going. Do pray with us concerning our needed support we are still trying to raise the additional funds without leaving the jail and prison services. We do have several missions’ conferences to be in this year. If you have room for another missionary would please pray about adding us to your missions program this year.
We are now doing our annual training at several of the units in N.C. We are blessed to have some new help as well as our regular men that have been faithful for several years we are blessed to have some good men to help Brother Jason Kersh and I try to reach these men with the hope of the gospel. In the next two month we have our regular services as well as two revivals please pray for a harvest of souls.

In His Service;

     Joe & Becky Hendricks

Acts 20:24



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