Prayer Letter February 2019

The Hendricks Family February 16, 2019

 Dear Praying Friends and Supporters;

Greetings in Jesus Name, I want to begin this letter by saying thank you to all that sent cards and special monetary gifts to us during the Christmas time. We are so blessed by your generosity to us. We had a great time celebrating the Birth of our Lord and Savior with our family. Becky and I trust you had a blessed Christmas as well.

With the beginning of 2019, we have again many doors open to us to serve Him. We have been busy with our prison schedule these two months. We have seen 5 men make professions of faith in the Lord in the services we have been involved with so far this year. Glad that the Lord is still saving sinners.

             We have six revivals scheduled in the prisons this year along with our regular schedule of services. During each revival, we try to give out one good study Bible, usually a Scofield or Thompson Chain, King James Version only. With that being said, we are looking for Bibles to use for these meetings this year. If you would like to donate one or have a source where we could get them at a good deal, if you could contact at me, I would appreciate it.


             We are also beginning to schedule our trips for this year. The Lord willing, I will be leaving for Africa, April 15 – May 1, with Brother Keith Phelps. We will be teaching in the day as well as holding services in the evening. I am looking forward to serving with this good brother in Africa, as he has made many trips there. Pray that the Lord would provide for us as we go, Power as we preach and teach and protection as we travel.

Becky and I will be going with my Pastor and some others from our church to the Philippines in May. Becky and I plan to go a week early to work with our Missionary, Brother Juanito Lim, and then meet our Pastor and the rest of the team for another week of preaching in two other places. I spoke to Brother Lim yesterday through messenger, he is excited about our coming and we are as well. The days for this trip will be May 13-27. It looks to be another busy year if the Lord doesn’t come. Let us stay busy for Him.

         Brother Timothy Mitchell, in Bequia, was able to get the well dug finally after waiting on men there to do the digging. 


He shared with me how the people in the village were coming by all day while the work was going on to look at the well and see the water. That was such a blessing. He plans to use it to help his people there and to witness to them. Thank you to Refuge Baptist Church in Hudson, N.C. and Pastor Darren Peterson for donating the money for the well. 

 I spoke to Brother Jeremy Scott today, they are getting ready to build the new church in Chantimelle in Grenada. The work is underway now.  Pray for these men as they work to build Gods House. They have the footers dug and some of the materials on sight.  They will be bending steel next week for the building columns.

             Brother Iliobert Destine messaged me this week from Haiti. There is much unrest there at this time. He said they cannot go out of their homes for now for fear of being attacked. His words were, “Haiti is closed.”  Please pray for them that God will work in their country.

             In closing, let me ask for some help. We have men wanting Bibles in the Islands.  We have been unable to meet the needs of all our men. We are told that the Bibles are being printed and that takes time.  I understand this and we are grateful for the ministries that print Bibles for Missionaries.  I know there are more than one ministry that prints to give to Missionaries; could you help me contact them and see if we can get some more Bibles into the hands of those who desire them. If you have anybody you know that does this, can you contact me with their information so I can contact them. Thanks for your help.


Your Missionaries in His Service;

     Joe & Becky Hendricks

Acts 20:24



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