The Fellow Laborers The Fellow Laborers Dr. J. Rennie Campell Founder of Living Letters Prison Ministry. Founded in 1991. 131321361 Brother Joe Becky Hendricks Brother Joe is a Full-time Missionary with Living Letters Prison Ministry. He has been working in the prisons as a missionary for over 6 years and joined LLPM in Jan. 2011 206406745 Jason Kersh and Family Brother Kersh is a full-time Missionary and has been working in the prisons with us since 1999. As of January 2012 Brother Kersh became the Director of Living Letter Prison Ministry. 66290942 68622979 Dr. Campbell and sister Ellen. 68623024 66544529 Jason & Brandi Kersh Brother Kersh serves as a volunteer chaplain at Livesay C.I., where he preaches the Sunday morning serves every Sunday and does a Bible Study every week on Monday nights. He is also on the prison yard 5 to 6 days a week. He has also as of January 2012 assumed the responsibilities of Director of the ministry. 66543331 Brother Joe Hendricks Brother Joe heads up the North Carolina prison services as well as preaching every month at Livesay C.I. He also organizes our Revivals and Revival Teams. Brother Joe is the Assistant Director of the Ministry. 131321364 Kenny King Kenny (on the right) is now the Pastor of a missions church in Guam 131321360 Brother John Fox We thank the Lord for Brother Fox and his family. Bro. Fox helps with Friday Bible Study at Livesay C.I. Yard-B. 131321362 Dr. Greg Little Pastor of Victory Baptist Church in Gaffney, SC. and fills in at the prison when needed. 67166866 131591530