Prayer Letter May 2019

The Hendricks Family May 8, 2019

 Dear Faithful Supporters and Praying Friends:

Greetings in Jesus name, sorry for being a little late on writing our newsletter but we have been out of the country and was unable to write it until now.  Things have been very busy on our end since our last letter.

We have had two Prison Revivals in these days. God blessed in both meetings with Saints getting help in each service. We also had 7 men saved in our other Prison services. Please keep praying for these men as well as laborers for the ministry.

            I left for Ghana, Africa with Brother Keith Phelps on April 16.  We were delayed one day because of weather here. We had a good flight and started the meeting one day late. It was a blessing to be able to assist Brother Keith on this trip. We also had another Preacher, Brother Mark Patrick with us. It was a challenge for me the first lesson because we not only had one translator but two. So, when you said something it was translated by two other men before you spoke again. But God helped us and we got through the lessons. To God be Glory.

 I was blessed to preach on Easter Sunday there at the close of the week. It was a blessing to see one man saved and many others coming to pray that they would be more dedicated to God. Brother Keith also served communion that day. During the week, 18 people were baptized that had been saved before we arrived and were following the Lord in Believer’s Baptism. It was a great week serving God together. Made a lot of new friends, brothers in Christ. The Pastors came to us before they left and said, “Preacher, we will take what you taught us and teach our people.” What a blessing.

Monday, we travelled back to Accra then to another Village to do some Open-air Meetings. We were able to visit two Villages and meet with the Elders about future meetings and to preach one night in the street there. God reached down and saved 21 men there that night.

 We also went into Togo for 5 days to work with some of our Missionaries there.  Again, we were blessed to see men working and building for the Lord. We went into a Village there that had no running water or electricity and preached an Open-air Service and had 4 people saved.  TO GOD BE GLORY. We are so blessed here and so many don’t even realize it. Please pray for our Brothers and Sisters there as they serve God together.

In closing, I ask you to please pray for Becky and I, as we leave May 13 for the Philippines with my Pastor, Jerry Taylor. We will be in different Islands the first week preaching in different meetings and then together the last week in another Conference. There are many doors open to serve the Lord will you go? 

Thank you for your faithfulness to us as we serve God together. Thank you for your support and prayers we are blessed to be part of your Mission outreach. If I can help you in any way, please get in touch with me. 



Your Missionaries in His Service;

     Joe & Becky Hendricks

Acts 20:24



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