Prayer Letter May 2021

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May 19, 2021

Dear Faithful Supporters and Praying Friends,

         Greetings in Jesus Name, I hope this letter finds you all getting back to some kind of normal after the last year of Covid 19. Becky and I continue to do well, Praise the Lord. Neither one of us have had the virus and for that we thank God. We pray that you too will stay healthy.

             We are continuing to broadcast through a 15-watt radio transmitter from the parking lot of Wilkes Correctional each Saturday night from 7:30 – 8:30. We are now also holding the same type of service at Lincolnton Correctional on every Friday night from 7:00 – 8:00. Some have asked how this works for the Inmates, so let me try to explain how it works. We have a 15-watt transmitter that we hook into our battery on the vehicle. We find a Station that is not broadcasting and tune our transmitter to that channel. We are now ready to broadcast. (This and the time has been pre-approved by the Camp.) Then we call the Camp and ask the Sargent to make the announcement that we are going to have the Radio Service at the given Station and time.  Once he does that we begin. The men all have a Walkman type radio they can tune in and listen to the service. We do some singing and then preach just like we were inside. The down side is that we can have no direct conversations with them but we can try to help them through the radio.

             Last week, as we pulled into Wilkes Correctional, an Inmate was coming out to get the flag off the flag pole. He started clapping and smiling and said, “Pastor, thank you for coming in to help us.” We don’t know who all is listening but we are doing our part to try and get the Gospel to them. TO GOD BE GLORY.

             Pray for our fellow missionary, Jason Kersh, he is Missionary Chaplain in Spartanburg, S.C. He is submitting papers to try and get us into his Camp though Radio as well. We hope that the services will be allowed again inside the Camp soon but we are determined to do What We can, While We can, and When we can for the cause of Christ.


 There has been a Volcanic eruption on the Island of St Vincent this year that has displaced many of the people there.  Brother Timothy Mitchell, one of our missionaries living on the Sister Island of Bequia, along with another missionary, brother David Ballenger, have been cooking food on their island and carrying it to St Vincent to help those in temporary shelters.  He was telling me last week that when they go, they are not only carrying food and water but preaching the Gospel to those in these temporary shelters. Their biggest need right now is money to purchase food to cook for the Shelters. If you would like to help with this project you could send any money to the Mission Board marked “Volcano relief” in the memo.

The Islands are still pretty much locked down because of Covid, so we may not be traveling there again this year.

      I left for Ghana, Africa on March 29, with Brother Keith Phelps. It was a blessed time of Preaching, Teaching and Evangelism. We also participated in a Graduation of 5 local Pastors that had completed some studies in the Bible Institute.Witnessing in the Villages, what a blessing. Brother Emmanuel told us there were 86 people that asked God to save them, from the School, to the visiting by the road side Teaching in the Conferences..

We have much to tell but so little space so we will close for now. If you would want us to come and give an update on the Ministry, please give me a call at 828-461-8591. THANKS for your sacrificial giving so we can continue to go. We are blessed beyond measure by your love for Becky and I. May God keep His hand upon all that you do. 

P.S. If you would like to see pictures from the Ghana, Africa trip just go to the pictures tab on the website.  


Your Missionaries in His Service;     

Joe & Becky Hendricks

Acts 20:24 




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