Prayer Letter October 2018

The Hendricks Family October 30, 2018

 Dear Praying Friends and Supporters;

Greetings in Jesus name, Becky and I want to express our thanks for you all and what you do for us each month in prayers and support. Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord and us.

            In these two months we have had one Prison Revival at Lincolnton Correctional. It was well attended with men getting help each night. We had one man saved at this meeting. In our other Prison services, we had one man saved. TO GOD BE GLORY. Please keep praying for those behind bars and also for the staff. With things changing in our society it is a battle sometimes to preach the whole word of God.  Some in authority want to try to pick and choose what you can say.  I have no plan to change what I have preached for 34 years to them, please pray.

            Becky and I left for Grenada on September 18th.  It was a blessed trip. We worked with several of our men there. I went back into the Juvenile Center with Pastor Lambert.  He is going there on a regular basis now. I always enjoy preaching to the young men there.  We also preached a week for Brother Donald Vincent at Solid Rock Baptist Church. We were blessed to see many of the churches come out to the meeting. On Friday night many came to me telling me they got help that week. Praise God.

Brother Donald also arranged for us to go into the Schools and Preach and give out the Bibles that were shipped for that purpose. It was a joy to watch the kids with their Bibles. 


One of the highlights of these days was at the last School we were in.  After I gave a little girl a Bible, she turned back around and gave me a big hug and said, “Thank you Preacher, for my bible.” I about lost it, Amen! Thank you for giving to this project. I got to be the hands and feet to help distribute the Bibles but many of you through your giving made it possible. This will be and ongoing project. If you wish to help, please send any money to our Mission Board and mark it “Island Bible Fund”.  

          We left Grenada for St Lucia, September 29th to be with Brother Emmanuel Charles. It was our first time to be with him.  We had a great time preaching and fellowshipping with them. While there we also went into two Juvenile Centers and one School. They too asked us for Bibles.  We have talked to Brother Chip Stowe, our Director, and we are currently waiting on them to be printed. We are hoping to send a pallet of Bibles to Grenada and St Lucia this year.  We are also hoping to send a barrel of about 150 Bibles to Bequia for another one of our men.  The need is great.  I want to say thank you to First Baptist Church in Milford, Ohio for printing the Bibles, our Mission Board, our Director, Brother Stowe, and for you that gave.  It is a team effort. Thanks for letting me be part of the team. 

 We are making one more trip this year.  It was not planned but God put it in our hearts to go and help Brother Dean Runyan. He put a post on Facebook needing a Preacher for a meeting in November, I felt God leading me to go.  We talked with Brother Dean and have bought our tickets.  Becky and I leave November 20 – December 5.  We will also work with Brother Rolston Melville, one of our missionaries, while we are there. We are excited to see what God will do on this trip. Please pray for this trip that God would grant the provisions needed as we travel, power as we preach, that God would help His people and save the lost. The schedule is already being set in both locations.  We hope to go to Jail and preach where ever these men have set up for us to do so.  Please keep us in prayer. TO GOD BE GLORY GREAT THINGS HE HAS DONE.  It is a grand thing to serve the Lord.


Your Missionaries in His Service;

     Joe & Becky Hendricks

Acts 20:24



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