Prayer Letter October 2019

The Hendricks Family October 30, 2019

 Dear Supporting Friends,

 Greetings in Jesus name, this year is quickly passing by; what a joy to serve the Lord. These two months we have been in one Prison Revival at Lincolnton Correctional. God gave a great meeting there. We saw 6 men trust the Lord as their Savior. TO GOD BE GLORY! We were blessed to have a lot of volunteers help in this meeting.  Thank you to all that came and helped.

             One of the men that was saved told us that he was 37 years old and had been locked up since he was 17. He is fixing to get out.  He told us that he was a gang banger and all his family were already dead. He said, “Preacher, I am not sure how to act around ya’ll. I’m not used to someone loving me.” What a blessing to offer him the Love of Jesus. The next night I called him by his name and he said, “Preacher, I ain’t used to that name, everybody calls me Country.” Will you please pray for Country, he is planning to stay in this area when he gets out, he said he don’t want to go back home to that old life style.

             I went back to Lincolnton Correctional for our regular service last week and had two more men saved. GLORY! One of them had been in the Revival and we had been praying for him.  At the end of the service I asked if anyone need to be saved and he raised his hand and kept it up. I said, “if you want to be saved come forward.” He came, along with another man, and Brother George Cloer lead them to the Lord. We are glad to have George and his wife, Samantha, helping us. There is room for you, if you want to serve the Lord.

             We were at another Camp last Saturday. We had a good service; one raised his hand lost. Pray for his salvation. Many were on the altar getting help from the Lord. In that service, the Officer was very attentive to the message, when I give the invitation, she raised her hand for prayer. They can not come to the alter to pray as they are on duty so as we exited, just Becky and I with the officer, I was able to talk to her at the gate.  She is carrying a heavy burden right now; we prayed for her there.  Would you help me pray for her. We go in there to help the men but we also want to be a blessing and help to the staff.   In our other Prison services, we saw 4 more men saved, Praise the Lord.

             Many of you have asked about our next trip. I have already ordered my ticket to Haiti. I will be leaving January 22 - February 4. Brother Adam Thacker and his wife, Autum are going with me on this trip. Please pray for the Country of Haiti as it is in turmoil at this time. Also pray for that God would send in the needed funds for this trip.

             We are looking to make several more trips next year. We hope to go to Guyana, South America and take some men to work on a Church for about two weeks in March. We are in the planning stages for this trip now. We also are planning to go to Trinidad and help with a Bible School. As well as return to Africa again with Brother Keith Phelps, as God supplies the needed funds. There is much to do will you go? Will you Give?

                Prayer requests:

1.       My mom, she was in the Hospital 9 days this month.  She is home but still needing prayers.

2.       My pastor’s Wife, Cathy Taylor, had hip replacement last week.  She is in rehab now.

3.       Provisions for these upcoming trips; Protection as we travel; Power as we minister and Wisdom as we serve the Lord here and abroad.

  Thank you all for your prayers and financial support given to my wife and myself. If you would like for me to come and give an update in the ministry or if I can help you in any meetings, please feel free to call me. We are grateful to be used of the Lord in these days.


Your Missionaries in His Service;     

Joe & Becky Hendricks

Acts 20:24 




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