Prayer Letter March 2020

The Hendricks Family March 2, 2020

 Dear Prayer Warriors and Faithful Supporters;

Greetings in Jesus name, as I sit here writing this letter, the winter has sure been different this year. Here at our place we have had more rain than anything, add that to a mild winter and I have already had to mow grass.  The birds are singing and we are seeing new life again from the bushes and trees. I do like this time of year, when things that have been dormant spring back to life.

             I want to take time to say a special thank you for all the cards, Christmas gifts and offerings that you sent to Becky and I this Christmas. It made our Christmas just that much more special. Thank you for all you do for us so we can keep doing what God has called us to do.

             We have had one Prison Revival so far this year, it was at Wilkes Correctional Center. It was well attended with men getting help each night. In our regular Prison Services so far this year we have had 6 men make professions of faith in the Lord. To God Be Glory. Please pray for the Prisons as some of them have been on lock down because of the flu and the threat of the virus that is going around. We must be careful but we do hate missing services.

             We leave for Guyana, South America on Saturday, March 7-25. The team this time will be Becky and I and Tim Hartley. We will work the first week with Zakir Ibriam and Rolsten Melville. We hope to assist Brother Zakir in working on his church building, doing plastering through the day and preaching in the night. The second week, we will fly into Port Katuma to hold Revival services at Light House Baptist Church for Missionary Dean Runyan. We will also do some visiting and help them in any way we can that week.

             We were supposed to have our Island Jubilee in St. Lucia this April with Brother Emanuel Charles. In light of the current situation and uncertainty of the Coronavirus, Bro. Charles suggested that we pray about rescheduling the Jubilee.  We have decided to postpone the Jubilee till next year. SO, WE WILL NOT be having an Island Jubilee this year.

             We want to thank each of you that have already reached out to us about coming to your Church this year.  We have already preached one Revival and been in an awesome Mission Conference. If you would like for us to come by and give an update about our ministry or if I can help you in any other way, please feel free to call me. Thank you for all you do for us.


Your Missionaries in His Service;     

Joe & Becky Hendricks

Acts 20:24 




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