Prayer Letter February 2021

The Hendricks Family



February 11, 2021

Dear Faithful Supporters,

           Greetings in Jesus name, I hope you all are doing well in the service of the Lord. Becky and I would like to say thank you for the Christmas cards, text, phone calls and special offerings sent to us for Christmas, as well as the faithful support for all these years.

             We have some exciting news to report to you at this time. Last Saturday night we were approved for our first service outside Wilkes Correctional Center. We are going to the Camp and from the parking lot, preaching in to the men who wish to tune in to the radio station. We are preaching using a small FM transmitter.  WELL GLORY. The chaplain called me Tuesday and told me that many men came to him and said the message came in loud and clear and they were grateful for our coming. It is not what we wanted but it is a way for us to reach out and help these men until we are allowed back into the Camps. We will be there every Saturday night for now; thankful for the open door.

             We have sent requests into several more Camps. Hopefully, planning to do the same thing if given approval. Please make this a matter of prayer.  We want to do what we can while we can to serve our Lord. 

             We have our first trip planned Overseas this year. I will leave with our African Director, Keith Phelps on March 29-April 12. We will be in Ghana, Africa doing a Bible Conference as we did 2 years ago. I am excited to go back again. With Corona it has increased the cost of the trip. We need at least 3 COVID-19 tests. 1 before we leave here and 2 while we are there. (1 when we enter and 1 when we leave. These 2 tests alone, we are told are going to cost $380.00). We would also like to raise $500.00 to help with the expenses of the Conference. Would you help us pray about these needs for this trip and if you would like to help you can send any help marked Africa trip. Thanks so much.

We are looking at several more trips this year as we are able. Keep praying for our men in the Islands. They are still operating under curfew in most places. We are hearing from some of them that they are serving God as best they can under the COVID-19 rules. We were able to send some Bibles and materials to several last year and hope to do more this year. Please keep each of us in your prayers and thanks again for your faithfulness to each of us in these trying days.

             On January 10, Becky and I were in Wilmington, NC heading to a Church where I was supposed to preach. A young man ran a red light and hit the side of our van, flipping us over two times and then we were hit again, spinning us 3 times on our top down the highway. The vehicle stopped with us hanging upside down by our seat belts, I was able to get loose and then take my pocket knife and cut Becky’s seat belt and get her out. 

 God sure was looking out for us. The EMT told us we should not have walked away from that type of accident. I did have to go to the hospital and get checked out but it could have been much worse.  We are both still seeing a Chiropractor I also have some blood clots under the skin on my right arm from where the Airbag hurt that arm.

 Please help us pray as we start looking to replace our van. The insurance has paid all they will pay on the van but as usual it will not replace it, so we are going to have to put some money with it to replace it. But God knows best. 

If I can help you in any way, please let me know. Keep looking up Jesus could come today. 



Your Missionaries in His Service;     

Joe & Becky Hendricks

Acts 20:24 




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