Prayer Letter May 2023

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May 29, 2023

Dear Faithful Supporters and Praying Friends,


         Greetings once again in that name above all names, Jesus Christ. I trust this letter finds you all well and enjoying the service of our Lord. 


Much has happened since our last newsletter. The saddest for me, was the passing of my pastor, Dr. Jerry Taylor on May 17 after a brief bout with cancer. He and I had traveled many miles together in ministry and missions.  We enjoyed several vacations together and fishing trips.  It was always a joy to be together. He was my Pastor for 23 years and my dear friend for over 35 years. I know he is better off but I sure do miss him. Please pray for his dear wife, children and grandchildren. Pray for our Church as we mourn the loss of our Pastor and begin to search for a new Pastor to lead our Church.

 In prisons these days, we have been going in regularly to three Prisons and have had a class this month to get into a fourth. Prisons have changed some since Covid, but sinners still need to hear the Gospel and Saints still need to be encouraged. Please keep praying for these men as we reach out to them with the Hope of Jesus.

 Brother Keith Phelps and I were in Ghana, West Africa from April 3-17. It was a great trip; we helped with 2 Conferences. This year they were held inside of rented school buildings. This was a blessing in several ways for us, one was we did not teach in the hot sun we had a roof over our heads and there were fans in the first school. We were getting spoiled with electricity and fans. The people were very attentive and even had questions after the lessons. We pray we were an encouragement to Gods people. I had the privilege of preaching the Easter Sunday Service again this year. This is always a blessing to me.  We had a good number of people call on the Lord to be their Savior, to God be glory. Brother Keith served Communion while we there and there was a baptism as well.

 We have ordered our tickets to go to Bequia, August 16-23, we will be working with our Missionary, Timothy Mitchell. Becky and I along with Caleb Wheeler and James Suscsh will be going. We are planning to hold VBS in two places while we are there. Brother Caleb and Brother James will be teaching and we will be assisting them and preaching. We are planning to ship a barrel there next month with school supplies and things needed for the VBS as well as prizes for the kid’s competitions. Please be praying for this trip as well as the four of us. We want to be a blessing to our missionary and a help to the people of Bequia.

 We still need about 3000.00 dollars to build the foundation for the Church in Haiti. Please make this a matter of prayer.  We are not able to go there right now because of the danger but we can still assist them in building. The price of material there continues to climb because of the unrest in their Country as well as the economy. If you would like to help, you can send any money to the Mission Board marked “Haiti Church Fund.”

 I would like to ask you to pray for my Son-in-law, Sam Hardy. He was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Cancer in December 2021. He had the brain tumor removed and under went treatment. He has been having more problems again and they think the tumor has returned at another spot in the brain. Tonya is supposed to take him this week to meet with the surgeon to discus surgery and options. The normal life span they are told for this kind of cancer is 6 months to 2 years. He told the doctor he would like to at least live long enough to see his Grandson.  The Grandson is due in June. Please pray for our Daughter and Son-in-law and the whole family if you will. It is hard as a Daddy to see their hurt and can’t help them with it. Also pray for the safe delivery of Nicolas; this will be our first Great Grandson.


Your Missionaries in His Service;     

Joe & Becky Hendricks

Acts 20:24 


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