Prayer Letter September 2018

The Hendricks Family September 3, 2018

 Dear Brethren and faithful supporters,

Greetings once again in that name above every name, Jesus Christ. The summer heat is here and it has been hot. Makes me glad I’m not going to Hell. I’m living in the hottest world I will ever have to live in. The garden is about finished, we were blessed to can many quarts again this year. Thank you, Lord. 

            In the last two months we have strived to be faithful in our Prison services as we were able. There are constant challenges when dealing with the Prison System and we would appreciate your prayers for us to remain faithful there. We were able to see 6 men trust the Lord in the services in the Jails and Prisons these two months.  Praise the Lord.

             The Jubilee at our Mission Board in July was one of the best yet. We heard great teaching on our Baptist Heritage in the morning services as well as good preaching morning and evening. Thankful for all the men of God that ministered to us in that week.

We were very busy carrying our men from the Islands around to different meetings these two months. We had a lot of men here this year and needed a lot of help to carry them to meetings. I want to say thank you to everyone that helped us get the men to their meetings.  It truly was a team effort.  I also want to thank each of you that had them in while they were here and many who support them monthly to do the work of God. Thank you for all you do for us. 

             I want to say a special thank you to Pastor Darren Peterson and Refuge Missionary Baptist Church for your gift of $1000.00 to our missionary, Timothy Mitchell, to dig a well.  They were so excited and blessed by your gift to them. His wife was telling me of seeing children going to the ocean to bathe during the dry season because there was no water left in the tanks. They told me that it was not only a blessing for them but also for the village as they will be able to help their people with water. The tiles for the well are there now.  They will hopefully dig it this week. They are waiting on the man with the equipment. 



Please continue to pray for our men in the Islands as they serve the Lord there.

             Becky and I leave for Grenada and St Lucia on September 17 - October 5.  We will be in School’s preaching and giving out King James Bibles.  Thanks to the generosity of some of you, the Bibles are on the way to Grenada now. Well Glory! I will be preaching at least one meeting in Grenada, as well as Preaching in some of the other Churches as time allows and hopefully doing a little building again.

 In closing, let me say thank you again for allowing us to be part of your Mission’s Outreach as well as preaching for many of you already this year. If you would like for me to come and give an update on the Ministry or if I can help you in some way, please give me a call. Thanks again. 


In His Service;

     Joe & Becky Hendricks

Acts 20:24



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