Prayer Letter May 2020

The Hendricks Family May 13, 2020

 Dear Faithful Brethren;

                 Greeting in Jesus name, so much has happened since our last newsletter. America has changed so much in such a short time. We were in Guyana when the Airports were locked down so we spent a few extra days there waiting on a flight home. One Pastor called me there and said, “Joe, the America you left will be so different when you return.” That was so true, many are so scared over a flu. Many have fed into the media hype but let me remind you believer that we don’t have to be afraid. GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL. We need to keep our eyes on Him and His Book and off of the news and Face book. Thank God I can trust Him.

                 We left for Guyana, South America on March 7th. We arrived there Sunday morning, March 8th. Got a few hours of sleep and then had church. Praise God. I preached for Brother Zakir Ibram at Foundation Baptist Church. We had a good day serving the Lord there. On Monday we started to work on the building. We were going to remodel a Sunday School Room, make a small kitchen and a few other things there. It was such a blessing to work with His people there. We enjoyed the fellowship as well as the work that was accomplished.


This is the Sunday school room we worked on. Below is some of the block work Brother Tim did. We worked on several different projects but was only able to complete the Sunday School Room because of lack of materials. We hope to go back next year 


We were also able to assist them in the Services while there.  We saw 6 people saved that week. Glory! We did not get into any Schools or Prisons this time because of the Corona Virus.

                 We flew to Port Kaituma for the second week to hold a Revival and help the good folks there. This entire trip was full of opportunities to trust the Lord. About 10 minutes into our flight the pilot looks back and says, “I feel something is not right with the plane so we are going back.” On hour later, we are in another 9-passenger plane and we make it to PK.

                 We went to two mission churches the first day. We had five nights of Revival with good attendance each night. On the last night, we had popcorn preaching with 7 of us preaching out of 1 John 1. At the end of the service 2 young men got saved. God is good. It was hard to leave our dear friends there but we had to return to Georgetown and see if we could get a flight home. Please pray for Missionary Dean Runyan he is currently at home in the States trying to get the surgery he needs so he can go back to Guyana.

                 While we were in Port Kaituma the Airlines stopped all flights out of the Country. USA had also closed its borders to incoming flights, so we were wondering if we would be able to come home anytime soon. We arrived back in Georgetown and decided we were going to stay busy until we found a flight home. So, after resting a few hours, we went back to work on the Church. Amen. 

Brother Ibram also began to schedule more places for us to preach.  We decided God knew what He was doing and we were going to occupy till He comes. God was and is so good to us. So, let me encourage you today Brother, if things don’t go how you plan realize God has a better plan and just work His plan. I can say, for our team, we never one time doubted that we would return home in God’s timing. We had meetings and work scheduled for another week when we did get a flight home. We were not going to waste the time sitting around while we waited, we were busy.  I pray that will stay that way today. 

Visiting the bus kids with Foundation Baptist Church. They hire buses each week to bring these little ones to Church. Our hearts went out to these children, so innocent, living in such difficult situations. 

Saying good-bye is always so hard. You go somewhere for a week or two and then you have to say good-bye for now. A week ago, you were strangers; now you are family, that’s just God. I sure do love my Guyanese Brothers and Sisters. They were all such a blessing to us this trip. Can’t wait till God sends us again. Amen. You want to go?? Can’t promise you it will be smooth sailing as we experienced some things this time that were a first for us, but I can promise you God is in control.  

Once we did get a flight home it too was different than any we have had. When we found a flight home and tried to book the flight the Airline refused my credit card. This too has never happened before. The Travel Agent then used his card to pay for $3,100 dollars worth of tickets so we could get home (we have since paid him back Thank the Lord) again another first. We spent the night in Miami Airport and flew home on Sunday morning.  There were only about 40 people on the Plane and they would not let us set together because of the corona virus. Which we thought was funny because of where we had just come from. It helps to laugh at yourself sometimes.

                 Since our return to the USA we have definitely found things changed. Churches can’t meet, Prisons are not allowing anybody in, so no services there until further notice. I was preaching almost every day in Guyana, come home and nothing for a month. We have used the time to catch up on things here and plant our garden, process a cow and a pig. And do those things that we can do. It is also a good time to check on the elderly we have one lady we have mowed her yard for about 10 years or more and planted their garden because they are not able. It is a good time to check on those in your Church that maybe can’t go out.  Dr. Slighter used to say, “Boys, that is just good Religion.” I say, “Amen.”

                 Going forward, please pray for the Prisons to open back up soon. Also please pray for the men as they are not allowed any visit from the outside at this time. We are hoping to resume our regular services at the Prisons as soon as they allow us back in. We are supposed to have a Revival in Lincoln Correctional, if the Camp is open by then.

                 Several of you have contacted us about preaching for you and we are grateful for the opportunity to preach and give an update on the Ministry. We are booked for the next two weeks with several of you, but if you would like for us to come, please call or contact me.  We want to redeem the time until we can get back into the Prisons and overseas.

                 We are looking at going to Africa in September, if the Lord allows.  Please make this a matter of prayer. Pray for our men in the Islands, it is hard on them.  Most of the Islands are on lock down as well during this virus. I am trying to stay in contact with as many of them as I can.  As far as I know right now, none of our Missionary families in the Caribbean have the virus. Praise the Lord.

                 I did receive word this week that Missionary, Pastor John Baptiste Minville, of St. Lucia passed away. He was a man of God that loved his people. I met him two years ago at his home, his health was not good then, but all he talked about was starting another Church in St Lucia. They were building pews for the new Church in his front yard that day.  He said, “Pastor, we need more men.” Will you pray?  Will you go? 


Your Missionaries in His Service;     

Joe & Becky Hendricks

Acts 20:24 




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