Prayer Letter July 2020


“But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd.”

Matthew 9:36


July 1, 2020

Dear Brethren,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I hope and pray you are all doing well. My family and I are still all healthy and well.

Not a lot has changed since our last prayer letter. I found out the other day that the prisons in North and South Carolina are still going to be on lock-down through the month of July. I was hoping and praying that they would open back in July but as of now that is not going to happen. Fortunately, the Lord has kept an open door for me at the prison where I volunteer as a Chaplain to still continue to go in on Sunday mornings and preach. I am so thankful for this opportunity. Pray for the men and women in the prisons as many things have changed for them during this time. Many prisons are not having any services at all and they do not have access to any type of online or streaming services. The men that come to the service I have been doing are very grateful to be able to still continue to meet and worship the Lord together. While we have to do things a little different, such as social distancing and no contact, we are still able to sing hymns and hear the Word of God preached. To God be the glory!   

As some of you may know, my Pastor and his wife suffered the loss of their oldest son, Justin, on May 21, 2020. Justin had cerebral palsy and was a blessing to all that knew him. The Lord used him to bring both of his parents to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Saviour. As a result of this, untold numbers of people have come to know that Lord as well as be blessed by the ministry of my Pastor and our church. Though many people may not have known Justin personally, their lives were impacted by his in a personal way. Please pray for my Pastor and his family. God’s grace has been sufficient and his funeral was one of the best funerals I have ever been to. God moved during the service in our church with standing room only as a testimony of what great things God can do with a little.

As always, I want to thank you for your faithfulness in giving and for your prayers. The Lord has been faithful to take care of his through this COVID-19 situation. He has used God’s people to do it. May God continue to richly bless you in all you do for Him.


                   “Remembering them that are in bonds, as bound with them;” (Heb. 13:3)

 Your Missionaries to the Prisons,

 Jason Kersh and family

Matthew 7:21

                        Living Letters Prison Ministry 2 Cor.3:2                 


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